Chapter 4. Translations

Use a GUI!: It will significantly speed up the process of making a translation! My personal favourite is poEdit - it's avaiable in Windows and Linux flavours.

Or, get some other utilities at KDE's list of them.

Special messages: Some messages might look like this:

msgid "sort by|size"
The part before the bracket is only to keep the messages unique and to help the translator to use the correct form. The translated string should have only the part after the bracket.

New translations

Add an entry to conf/langs.php:

$LANGS['sl_SI'] = array('name' => _("language|Slovenian"));

Each application has a po/ subdirectory.

[root@blisk po]# make messages
Copy the resulting file messages.po into a filename with the language code of your language.
[root@blisk po]# cp messages.po sl_SI.po
Edit this file with an editor. Be sure to edit the file in UTF-8 encoding.

After you have finished translating, build the translation.

[root@blisk po]# make install

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