Just Another Web mail is a flexible, powerful and fast webmail written in PHP.

Technically, JAWmail's core is JAW - a flexible framework for web application development; JAWmail it's packed with some applications and a simple, web based installer.



  • Connects to IMAP servers using PHP's IMAP extension
  • Has support for multitiple drivers for backend authentication, session managment, access control lists, ...
  • Support for multitiple language
  • Uses UTF-8 as the internal charset; automatically converts messages in different charsets
  • Renders XHTML 1.0
  • Themable (you can replace CSS styles and images)
  • Help system with XML backend
  • Object oriented design
  • Address book with support for different backend drivers
  • Plugin system
  • Powerful message highlighting
  • A lot of preferences
  • Importing and exporting of messages via UNIX mbox files
  • ...and more!

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